smallpox eradication programme - P De Burca Carrickmacross

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smallpox eradication programme - P De Burca Carrickmacross

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I'm doing a thesis on the smallpox eradication programme in Castleblayney from circa 1840 onwards. I've come across a P. de Burca from Carrickmacross who was a member of the national committee of the Irish anti-vaccination league . The league was established in 1905 and was headed up by notables such as George Bernard Shaw and Francis Sheehy Skeffiington.

I searched the 1911 census and found a Proinsias de Burca in Distillery lane in CMX.
He was aged 34 - born in scotland. Wife and eldest child born in Kilkenny. One child born in england but two youngest born in Carrick- which puts 1908 or thereabouts as the date he arrived in Carrick. The census enumerator recorded his name as Francis Burke. Census form was completed in Irish. His job description was difficult to read - but looked like a civil service post. He refused to give information about his religion and that of his family. have an extract from the Ulster towns directory for 1910 - which shows a Mr. Burke as an excise officer living in distillery lane . So that would explain why he came to the town.

There was no one else called Burke/ Bourke or De Burca living in Carrick per the 1911 Census.
Burke is not a common Monaghan name - most of the Burke's living in Monaghan in 1911 were Protestant families living in the Drum/ Aghabog/ Scotshouse areas . Most of them were farming families . I've checked all the families and cannot find one that Proinsias / Francis would fit into age-wise.

However, Peadar Livingstone mentions in The Monaghan Story ( p. 373) a Padraig de Burca from Carrick who ended up in Frongoch is 1916. Are Proinsias and Padraig one and the same man?
Can anyone shed any light on the matter?

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Re: smallpox eradication programme - P De Burca Carrickmacross

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I have just come across your entry while searching for information about my grandfather Proinsias de Burca. I'm afraid that my knowledge of my grandfather is limited as the he and my father, Brian, were not particularly close. Brian was born in Shifnal in Shropshire in Dec 1905 and his birth certificate states that Proinsias was an Excise Officer at that time. His wife was Katherine Phelan born in Wexford. The family was RC. I know that Brian was educated in Monaghan. He had a sister Ena older than himself and then three other siblings, Sheila, Diarmuid, and Maeve(born in Carrickmacross in 1910). After school Brian graduated from UCD with a medical degree and joined the Indian Medical Service about 1934. A choice that was deeply unpopular with his father. He served in India until 1947 but was back in the UK when his father died in Blackrock about a year later. My father was rather uncommunicative on the subject of family history. All that I know has been gleaned from his sisters and my only cousin Ruth (daughter of Diarmuid who died serving in the merchant navy during the war). I have always been told that Proinsias was born in Ayr in Scotland and changed his name from Francis Burke. He was active in the struggle for Irish Independance and was imprisoned in Reading Goal for his part in the uprising. At some stage he changed career and become a Doctor and practised in Dublin. He was a member of the Fabian Society I believe and a friend of Bernard Shaw (Ena sadly sold the signed books which Shaw had given him). This really very little more than you have already gleaned for yourself but may be of interest.
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