Clogher Record Articles Wanted

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Clogher Record Articles Wanted

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I am hoping to obtain copies of 2 articles from the Clogher Record.

[1]Title Obituary: Very Revd James Smyth
Author E. Ó Muireadaigh
Pages 217- 218
Journal 1957(vol. 2, no. 1)
Description A short paragraph on the life of the Very Rev. James Smyth, P.P. Vice president of the Clogher Historical Society. 1955-56. Born at Ballymacarrett, Belfast, June 1893, Ordained for Down and Connor, 1918; Parish priest of Tickmacrevan, 1950; Died Christmas day 1956.

[2] Smyth, James Joseph. 'Notes and comments : Salloo'. Clogher Record: Journal of the Clogher Historical Society, 1:2 (1954), 63-64. ISSN 0412-8079.

I can't see to get the Clogher Record for these dates anywhere.

If anyone knows where I might ontain a copy of these articles I'd be most grateful for the information.



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