Many family name changes in Monaghan

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Many family name changes in Monaghan

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I'm certainly no expert, but I found something I thought might be interesting here. I just read a free -online book that may (or may not) shed light on some family name changes for descendants of Co. Monaghan ancestors. Lots of name changed. I was surprised at how many names were listed and how little the new names resembled the old.

For example, I had heard that the Fitzpatricks of County Monaghan and Co. Cavan had a DNA that was distinct from those descended from Fitzpatricks in other counties. There is a Fitzpatrick DNA study that has designated this Northern sept of Fitzpatricks as "Nine of Clads". My own Gr Gr grandparents were Edward Fitzpatrick and Caroline Farmer Fitzpatrick from the townsland of Carn, parish of Aghabog,

I found on page 44 that "Fitzpatrick" name in this area may have (at some unspecified point in time) been a name change from MacGillaPatrick, which may in turn have derived from the name Gilla patrick who was a son of Hugh Mc'Mahon, a tribal chief of Dartrey (page 6). This would be very different than the Fitzpatricks descended from the MacGiollaPhadraig of Ossory. I also found on page 42 that "Farmer" may have been a change from M'Lave or M'Scollagh, which I never would have guessed.

The book title is "Historical Sketches of County Monaghan" From the earliest records to the Fenian movement by Denis Carolan Rushe in 1895. The name changes are listed in alphabetical order in Chapter III, "Notes On Irish Names". Because I don't know the copyright laws, I hesitate to cut and paste all the names listed, but it is a free book that can be downloaded. Very interesting read, written from a decidely Catholic tenant's perspective. Hopefully this link will work: ... pg=GBS.PP1

Edward Fitzpatrick

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