Tracing Francis McGeough GGG grandf.b1818Carrickma-d.Glasgow

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Tracing Francis McGeough GGG grandf.b1818Carrickma-d.Glasgow

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Tracing Francis McGeough GGG grandf.b1818Carrickma-d.Glasgow1881

Hello from Australia

I am trying to find out if I have any traceable relatives in Carrickmacross or elsewhere in Country Monaghan or Ireland in general,

Two of my Great Great Great Great grandparents were John McGough and Mary Reilly. They lived in Carrickmacross, County Magheross, Ireland. Currently unsure when either born/died - likely born c.1800. Both had passed away by Dec 15, 1877.

A son, Francis McGeough left Carrickmacross , County Magheross, Ireland for Glasgow, Scotland, August 1841 – he was likely born between c.1818, so was about 23 years of age. He changed his name to Frank McGough by 1877 in Glasgow. Francis is my Great Great Great grand father.

“Francis - he was born ~1818 and died on 13/2/1881, was married to Ann Mortimer on 5/1/1845, they had at least one son - John McGough who later changed his name to Gough. John was born ~1846 and died 21/1/1885. He married once on 1/12/1875 in Glasgow to a Helen Hutton Hill.

Somehow the "Mc" was dropped in our family around 1905 - unsure why.

I would be very pleased to email with any McG(e)oughs in the district who are interested in family history - if there are any McGoughs still in the area. We know nothing more about our Irish heritage, and myself and parents and brother have never been to Ireland - but hope to.

Many thanks for any contact,
Julie Gough

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McGough family, Carrickmacross

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There is a great McGeough website - - full of information about the family. Also, our society has published a very good article by Prof. Patrick J. Duffy on emigration from the Shirley Estate in Carrickmacross just after 1840 - well worth a read for background on why your ancestors left.

It would be ideal to have the name of the townland from which your ancestors came, if you are looking for living relatives. Carrickmacross Workhouse has been collecting local records for quite a while and would have a good knowledge of local families - McGeough is a popular name in the area.

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Re: Tracing Francis McGeough GGG grandf.b1818Carrickma-d.Glasgow

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Dear Julie,
SAGHS is in the process of publishing the appendices to an article on migration from the Shirley estate to South Australia, myself, Simon O'Reilley and Stephanie James did for Clogher Record. The full article should be out in the latest issue of Clogher Record (maybe check with Clogher History if it's out yet). Anyway Laurence Banigan per Constance sponsored James McGough and his family. They arrived by the Nabob in Adelaide in 1856. Not sure if this is of any interest to you. The Sydney Morning Journalist Paul McGeough is originally from Carrickmacross, I'm sure you know already.
Best wishes with your research
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Re: Tracing Francis McGeough GGG grandf.b1818Carrickma-d.Glasgow

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Sorry, I have no practical info' for you but maybe it's time you reintroduced the Mc into the McGough surname. It was easily dropped, it can be easily reintroduced! You seem to have a lot of good work done to date. Good luck with it.

PS There is a well known family of McGoughs in Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

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