Harrison in County Monaghan

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Joseph Harrison of Smithville, New York (c1776-1844)

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Since Joseph Harrison was my ancestor, I would like to update my earlier posting on him. (New: pkLjdL AT gmail.com)

Joseph Harrison was born to James Harrison probably his second wife. There is a big gap between his older brother James Harrison [Jr.] (b. c1767) and my Joseph Harrison (b. c1776), a space so big that I think James [Sr.] remarried. We know the man had three or four wives.

Here is my earlier posting with changes.
Joseph Harrison [c1776-1844] and Margaret Anderson [1776 Ireland - 1861 Greene, New York] were both buried in Smithville Flats Cemetery, Chenango County, New York. They had the following 6 children presumably all born in County Monaghan. Unless indicated otherwise, I presume all of this family died in New York state. (guessing)
1. Susan Harrison.
Susan was born 1801 probably County Monaghan, Ireland and died 1876 buried Smithville Flats, New York. She did not marry.
2. William A. Harrison.
"Black William" was born c.1803, died 5 July 1887, I think. He married Isabella Graham, sister of Ann Graham. He was called "Black William" because he had black hair. As his parents did, he too had six children. They were Joseph G. Harrison of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (father of Graham. Bertha, and Grace Harrison); Margaret J. Harrison who married Edward F. Parsons of Connecticut (no children); Eliza Anna Harrison; Susan Harrison who married Aitkin/Aitken and had Edith and Isabella / Isobel Aitken (various spellings on surname); William Henry Harrison (who had Dr. William Nelson Harrison); and George Washington Harrison (who married Margaret Weir and had William G. or T. Harrison, Robert N. Harrison, and Graham C. Harrison).
3. James Joseph Harrison.
He was born about 1805 County Monaghan and died 1870. He was buried in Smithville Flats, Chenango County, New York. He married Ann Graham, sister of Isabella Graham. They had eight children, five of whom lived to be adults: Joseph George Harrison (1846-1849); David Graham Harrison (1848-1926); Joseph Andrew Harrison (850-1920); Eliza Jane Harrison called "Lyde" (1852-1909) who married Frank Coles; James Anderson Harrison (1854-1902); William Rufus Harrison (1856-1862); Eugene Walter Harrison (1859-1926); and John F. Harrison (1861-1862).
4. Joseph Harrison.
Joseph was born about 1809-1812 and died after 1876. He was called "Pretty Joseph" and did not marry.
5. Andrew Harrison.
Andrew was born about 1818 and died 1874. He had been living in New York City. After 1850 he married M. Forbes. No known children, but there could be.
6. John Harrison.
John was born in September about 1820. He died in 1861, age 40. He was buried Smithville Cemetery, Chenango County, New York. He left a will. In 1855 he married Sarah Ann Harrison, his first cousin and daughter of George Harrison of Church Hill, County Monaghan, son of James of Church Hill. They had no biological children, but adopted two [from New York City?], Charles Kamineski and Mary Ann McCabe. Wife Sarah was born in 1826 in Ireland and died in 1898 in Smithville, Chenango County, New York. She married first John Harrison then Deacon James Harrison, son of Samuel Harrison of Church Hill. She and Samuel had three children.


1. Jane A. Harrison Wallace, 1899-1901 Harrison and Graham family tree. Her probate was 1901. Her attorney was Dunning, New York City.
2. Green-wood.com and Greenwood Cemetery documents, Brooklyn, New York, related to lot 6344 and 6345.
3. Richard Harrison.
4. Chris Buck and Peg Ross, historians of Smithville and Greene, Chenango County, New York.

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Re: Harrison in County Monaghan

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Dear fellow amateur or professional historian,

Four pieces of Harrison news.
1. James Harrison of Church Hill, Castleblayney, County Monaghan (b. 1730s) had two daughters. In 1900 and 1940 two independent sources within our family tell us this. We may have found James's younger daughter, Margaret Harrison McCray of Smithville, Chenango County, New York. Recall eight sons of James had links to this town of 1003 people; and apparently Margaret immigrated there first. Margaret Harrison McCray knocks out (cancels, annuls) Bridget Monahan of Brooklyn, New York, as the second daughter of James Harrison of Church Hill.

2. Babs Williamson and I have linked James Harrison of Tullyraghan (1820-1890) to his father, Robert Harrison of Moy House, Moye, County Monaghan, Ireland (about 1778, to 1844). Links include/Evidence includes
a) Robert Harrison of Moy House had a son James born about 1820 who I thought went to the U.S., but he could not be found in a census there. (Greenwood Cemetery documents named Robert's children.) Instead of James immigrating, about four of James's children went separately to the U.S. and to different spots in New York state. Other children of James stayed in Ireland, including Robert Harrison of Tullyraghan. So dates and names work out here. And we have found the James we were seeking, not in the U.S. but at home in Ireland, but over a townland or so, at Tullyraghan.
b) James Harrison of Tullyraghan named his eldest son Robert, after his father, Robert Harrison of Moy House.
c) James Harrison of Tullyraghan married Sarah Ann Gordon (marriage record I am told) and they had a son George Gordon Harrison (source: Peevyhouse); so that is nice.
d) Also Robert of Moy House named his eldest son, James Harrison [later of Tullyraghan] (b. 1820), after his/Robert's father, James Harrison of Church Hill (b. 1730s).
Yes, evidence is a little thin, but look at the next number, #3.

3. A descendant of James Harrison of Tullyraghan (we have the paper trail, marriage rec. for Robert Harrison of Tullyraghan tells his father was James Harrison of Tullyraghan), this descendant took a DNA test on Friday, mailed it in, and by late August we should have results. Questions to answer: Was James Harrison of Tullyraghan (paper genalogy trail from today back to him) related to James Harrison of Church Hill? If yes we go to the next questions. When we apply the "McGee Tool" we can see WHEN James of Church Hill and James of Tullyraghan had the common ancestor. if the year is about 1730s, then I would think that is James Harrison of Church Hill himself. The McGee tool might give us a better birth date on James Harrison of Church Hill, say early or later 1830s.

4. Cousins and professional historians have researched how various Harrisons connect more than once to these families of County Monaghan or County Armagh:
If interested in how your Harrison connects to one of the families above, you could e-mail me.

In summary, we have found now 12 of the 14 children of James Harrison of Church Hill (b. 1730s). We have linked one entire family, the Tullyraghan Harrisons, to be descendants of James Harrison of Church Hill (b. 1730s). A Harrison has recently taken a DNA test; results are due out in August 2013. And we are getting a good picture of the larger Harrison family. Thank you to those who are reading this and previous messages.

Polly Lynn, pkLjdL ATSIGN gmail.com

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Re: Harrison in County Monaghan

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4. Margaret Harrison
Margaret Harrison was christened on 15 July 1820 in the Church of Ireland, Castleblayney. That could be her birth date. Margaret was the daughter of James Harrison of Drumleek and "Fiathern," more likely Catherine. (IRE, e-mail, 8 August 2013.) Who was James Harrison of Drumleek the son of? Thank you.

Polly Lynn, pkljdl AT gmail.com

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James Harrison of Cootehill, Co. Cavan DNA related Monaghan

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The Harrison family has taken another DNA test. This one was taken by a descendant of James Harrison of Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland (born probably 178os, is my GUESS). The DNA test shows that in order, he is most closely related to:
1. Hugh Harrison of Ballybay, County Monaghan (b. 1760). They are a very close match, one marker off. My cousin who looked at the results tells me James of Cootehill and Hugh had a common ancestor [born in] the last 240 years. John Harrison of the Harrison DNA Project says within the last 300 years.
then to
2. James Harrison of Church Hill (b. about 1730s.) James and Hugh have a common ancestor, we think in the 1600s.
3. Virginia Harrisons, patriarch is Isaiah Harrison (b. 1666) who fled Dublin and went to the American colonies, first Long Island, then Delaware, and his sons went to Virginia. There is NO genetic link between out Virginia Harrisons and the two U.S. Presidents named Harrison, who were of another genetic family altogether. (Google "Harrison DNA Project," click on patriarchs, and scroll through various Harrison family trees from England, Ireland, and the U.S.) I think Isaiah and Virginia Harrisons split from James Harrison of Church Hill in 1500s (physically it could be early 1600s, but genealogically I doubt it). The common ancestor between Virginia Harrisons and all of the above would be 1500s.
4. James Harrison of Tullyraghan (1820-1890). He shares a common ancestor with Hugh Harrison of Ballybay, James Harrison of Church Hill, and Isaiah Harrison of Dublin, Long Island, Delaware, in the 1300s or 1400s. Therefore it is a coincidence that James Harrison of Tullyraghan lived in the same county of Monaghan as Hugh Harrison of Ballybay and James Harrison of Church Hill.

All of the above are haplogroup I1 (also M-something). I1 is called the Viking gene, some red hair sprinkled sparingly throughout the family.

In December 2013 we shall pool our euros, pounds, and dollars to pay for another test, of a Harrison from Belfast. I rather doubt he was related, but we are helping out a fellow Harrison.

Do let me know how you connect to the Harrison family of County Monaghan.

Polly, pkljdl AT gmail.com

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seeking descendant of Harrison: Fintully, Clontibret, Monagh

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I am seeking any male named Harrison who is a descendant of a Harrison of Fintully [townland], Clontibret, County Monaghan. We would like to know yes or no, were the Harrisons of Fintully related to other Harrisons of County Monaghan. We have DNA tested four other Harrison families of County Monaghan who are related, though in various centuries. We have not yet tested a Harrison whose ancestor was of Fintully.

About whom am I writing? Some of the people I am talking about would include but not be limited to descendants of the following:
1. Thomas Harrison [Sr.] of Fintully (probably born 1770-1780), died 6 May 1834.
2. unknown son
3. Thomas's grandson may have been the Thomas Harrison who married Anne Laverty (m. in or before 1876). Thomas and Anne had the following sons:
4a. Thomas Harrison, born 16 December 1867
4b. Bernard Harrison, born 31 December 1868
4c. James Harrison, born 4 October 1872
4d. John Harrison, born 16 October 1876
4e. Patrick Harrison, born 1 September 1878
(My source for information on Fintully Harrisons has been J. T., who may not wish his/her name to be used online.)
I would need for the test taker to tell me the names of his Harrison line back to Fintully or convince me he is related.

Do you descend from the Harrisons of Fintully, County Monaghan? Could you e-mail me directly (do not post information on the living) to tell me that you or your relative is a living man named Harrison who comes from the Fintully Harrison, please? I would like him to take a DNA test, which would be mailed to him and he could mail back. If I hear from you in November-December 2013 when the tests are on sale and much cheaper, most of the test can be paid for by Harrisons and myself. In the past the test taker has not paid for his own test (though that would be nice). if after December 2103, we might have to wait a year or half year until tests go on sale again. Thank you. I can be reached at:
Polly Lynn, pkljdl AT gmail.com
That's pkLjdL AT gmail.com
Thank you!

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Re: Harrison in County Monaghan & Down

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Dear family:

In the last couple of years we have followed up a story that the ancestor of the Harrisons of Church Hill and Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, and Cootehill, Co. Cavan, came to County Monaghan from Ballynahinch. A record written in a Bible in Mangapai, New Zealand, tells us that a Harrison came in to [County Monaghan] from Ballynahinch. We have confirmed that it was Ballynahinch, Co. Down. We have run about five DNA tests and three Harrison families are ours. They are a Harrison family of Gransha, near Bangor, Co. Down, one from Saintfield Co. Down, and one from Ballynahinch, Co. Down. In all three cases the families worshipped in local Presbyterian churches. Families NOT related to me include one from Blaris/Magheradartin, Co. Down and the old Harrison family of Greyabbey, Co. Down.

I think my Harrison ancestor arrived in Ballynahinch between 1685/1685 and 1703. Perhaps this ancestor was moving inform elsewhere in Ireland, but had not been there long. I think perhaps this man who arrived in Ballynahinch was born in England, but no idea where in England.

I am currently researching:
*a Harrison family of Corcreeny, Donaghcloney, Co. Down. This family is often Church of Ireland, but sometimes Presbyterian.
*a Harrison family of Skegarvey, Co. Monaghan This family is usually Church of Ireland, with a descendant being Judge Robert Andrew Harrison of Canada who had two daughters. I am looking for any male descendant named Harrison of the Skegarvey family. A descendant was unable to find Skegarvey today.
*Harrison of Loughinisland [County Down or Antrim], a Catholic family

Where was the townland of Skevarvey / Skegarvey, Co. Monaghan? How far is that from Castleblayney / Castle Blaney? Thank you.

Polly LYNN, pkljdl @ gmail.com

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