Harrison in County Monaghan

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Harrison in County Monaghan

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Dear Harrisons,

Could you tell me about your Harrison ancestor?

Here is my theory: that James Harrison (b. 1730s) of Churchill County Monaghan, had 12 sons and two daughters. (His great great grandson said so in late 19th century.) The sons were:
1. William, no children
2. John, descendants in Ireland, New Zealand, possibly England
3. Thomas, descendants in Ireland and possibly England, New York City and New Jersey
4. Robert, descendants in Ireland and Long Island and Connecticut, possibly Vermont
12. unknown 12th brother
5. Joseph, descendants in New York state, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts
6. James, descendants in New York state, New Hampshire
7. Samuel, descendants in New York state
8. George, descendants in Ireland
9. Andrew, no children
10. Arthur, descendants in Argyle, NY, New York City, and out west (Ohio, California)
11. Francis, descendants in Ireland, U.K., and Montana

The two girls were:
1. Mrs. Alexander Hutchinson or Mary of Argyle, Washington County, New York; descendants moved largely to New York City.
2. Mrs. William Monahan, not found yet, theough ther is one inGreen-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.

Plus there is a Margaret Harrison Foyle who is said to be the daughter of Arthur Noble Harrison but she was his age. She could be the second sister rather than Monahan being a sister.

Here is information from an 1896 or 1901 Harrison and Graham family tree chart in my home. In brackets [] is information that I have researched and added. Please, cite me as your source.

Thomas Harrison [born about 1762-1764 give or take 5 years] was of Church Hill, County Monaghan, Ireland. I do not know the name of his wife [but my best guess is Jane, based on the names of her eldest granddaughters, by her one daughter]. Thomas [and "Jane"] were the parents of:
1. Hugh Harrison
2. Ann Harrison
3. George Harrison
4. William M. Harrison
5. James Harrison [born about 1742 give or take 10 years]

(Sources: 2 documents owned by Polly Lynn. (1) 1848 Harrison and Graham family tree. (20) 1901 will finding by lawyer Dunning.)

Anyone out there related to the Harrison family? I would love to read what you know about your Harrisons.
Polly Lynn, Edwardsville, Illinois, U.S.A. pkLjdL@sbcglobal.net
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Re: Harrison in County Monaghan: corrections

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Here are corrections on my May 2011 post on Thomas Harrison of Churchill, County Monaghan. I apologize for not getting it right the first time.

The Thomas Harrison of Churchill mentioned in the previous post was likely the son of James Harrison of Churchill. Because I would guess James was born about 1737, give or take 10 years, his son Thomas was born not in the 1720s but in about 1765. This is based on birth order among his siblings and on the birth date of his eldest son, William. (LBF, e-mail to Polly Lynn, September 2011. William's death notice in the New York Herald had that he died in 1826 at [roughly about] age 65.)

Jane A. Wallace made a family tree chart of the descendants of Thomas Harrison between 1894 and 1901. Another corretion is that she Thomas's son William M., but he was really William Graham Harrison who married a cousin, Margaret Graham. (LBF, based on hiw will and another document.)

THOMAS HAD SIX CHIDLREN: John Harrison was one
According to the 1894/1901 chart, Thomas had six children. I previously skipped John Harrison, who had no children.

In my previous (May 2011) e-mail, please, ignore the birth date of Thomas's son James. It is wrong.
Thomas had a son James. He is distinguished from other James Harrisons because he was Colonel James, not a military title. (LBF)

I am indebted to LBF for straightening me out on this chart of Thomas and his descendants. Colonel James of New York City then New Jersey, married not Elizabeth but Isabella McMullin. They had the following children:
1. William H. Harrison (about 1826-1899)
2. Andrew J. Harrison (1829-1859). This Andrew married Ann Jane Shield.
3. Isabella Jane Harrison (1830-1871)
4. Joseph Harrison
I think there were one or two more children. My computer is dead, but that is what I have in print on this family.

The following information is correct and is about my Joseph Harrison who I believe was also a son of James Harrison (born about 1837) of Churchill. I believe Joseph was the BROTHER OF the above Thomas. Thomas and Joseph were I think the sons of James Harrison of Churchill.

The "jury is out" and I am undecided on the status of Sarah A. Harrison. Though listed as a child of Joseph, in the historical record she is John's wife and later the wife of another James Harrison.

Joseph Harrison [1761/1770-1840s] and Margaret Anderson [1776 Ireland - 1861 Greene, New York] had the following 7 children presumably all born in County Monaghan. Unless indicated otherwise, I presume all of this family died in New York state. (guessing)
1. Susan Harrison [born 1801 probably County Monaghan, Ireland - 1876 buried Smithville Flats, New York; it appears unmarried]
2. James Joseph Harrison [1805 County Monaghan; died 1870 and buried in Floral Park Cemetery, Smithville Flats, Chenango County, New York] married Ann Graham
3. William A. Harrison [born 1803/1810- died 1870/1876] married Isabella Graham [sister of Ann Graham. He was called "Black William" because he had black hair.
4. Joseph Harrison [1802 or 1809; died after 1876] called "Pretty Joseph" [may not have married]
5. Andrew Harrison [1818-1861/1876. died while living in New York City.] He married M. Forbes [after 1850.]
6. John Harrison [b. 1821/1822-d. 1861 age 40; buried Smithville Cemetery, Chenango County, New York. He left a will. Married Sarah Ann/Jane Harrison in 1855.]
About John's wife, Sarah A. Harrison . She was [born 1826 in Ireland and died in 1898 in Smithville, Chenango County, New York.] She married first John Harrison then James Harrison.

(Source: 1894-1901 Harrison and Graham family tree, most likely made by Jane A. Harrison Wallace in about 1894. her probate was 1901. Her attorney was Dunning, Nw York City.)

These are corrections to my May 2011 e-mail. Next I shall post a family tree for James Harrison of Churchill, County Monaghan.

I have been given a nice obituary collection of about 55 American Harrisons from LBF (anonymous), as well as from four people from Smithville or Greene, New York, Connie and Ed Stone, Chris Buck, and Peg Ross. Ed Stone told me about Green-Wood Cemetery (google Green-Wood.com) in Brooklyn, New York. There are about 150 Harrisons, their spouses, and children buried in there who are descendants of James Harrison of Churchill. The website Findagrave.com (I think .com) has some of our Harrisons in Floral Park, Johnson City, Broome County, New York and also Smithville, Chenango County, New York. You can google just Harrison plus those town names.

If interested in this family, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at pkLjdL@sbcglobal.net

Thank you!
Polly Lynn

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James Harrison (b. about 1738), family tree

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I am researching James Harrison of Churchill, County Monaghan, so that I can name his twelve sons and two daughters so that I can show a variety of sources that are useful for researching an eighteenth and early nineteenth century Monaghan family.

Two documents tell us similar but conflicting stories of James Harrison. First is William Harrison, Memoirs, Mangapai, New Zealand, late 1800s early 1900s. Andrea __ of New Zealand sent me a transcription of a transcription of his two attempts at Memoirs. William writes that James had 3 wives, 6 sons and 2 daughters. (Andrea, e-mail. William Harrison, Memoirs, Mangapai, New Zealand, late 1800s early 1900s.) William was the great grandson of James; living 150 years after him.

Now about that second source. Neil Harrison (1890-1956) was the great great grandson of James (b. 1730s of Churchill, County Monaghan), so I would say the worse of the two sources because more removed, in fact removed from James by 200 years. Except Neil Graham Harrison wrote that there were 4 wives, 12 sons and 2 daughters. The two sources say 6 OR 12 sons, I found 10. I have to choose 6 or 12. I am choosing 12 sons. Both sources agree that James Harrison of Churchill (about 1737-?) had two daughters. Here are the names of the two daughtes and 10 of the 12 sons of James Harrison of Churchill.

I think James was the son of William Harrison of County Monaghan. Professor Michael Burns wrote a descendant, Patricia Whitestone that William was in County Monaghan in 17[41]. (Professor Burns, letter, 1990s, to Patricia Whitestone, Connecticut.) William of Mangapai, New Zealand, writes in his two attempts at Memoirs that James Harrison was the first Harrison to obtain [the lease on] Churchill and this was through his wife __ Dunn. Andrea of NZ--and I would identify her if she wanted to be identified--speculates that Dunn received Churchill because she was [the eldest] child and there was no living son.

Here are the 14 children of James (minus two boys I can't name).

1. William Harrison was the eldest, born about 1761. Following an Irish naming tradition, William Harrison was named for his paternal grandfather. (I am embarassed to pretend to know anything about Irish traditions in front of Irish readers. Please, correct me at any point.) (Andrea of NZ, e-mail. Transcript of William Harrison, of MangapaEldest son comes fromi, Memoirs, written ito Harrison family Bible, current owner unknown to me.) (1761 is an approximate birth date based on his approximate age at death 65 and death eyar 1826.) William was asked by Arthur Noble to join him as he went off to fight Peninsular Wars. Because William was "hard used" by his step-mother, he went. Wikipedia tells that British troops, and we know these are often Irish, landed in Portugal in 1808. William was captured and held in France for a while. Upon being released he went to New York City. [I don't mean to indicate either way whether he swung home for a visit first or not.] He became wealthy, did not marry, nor had children, died, leaving money to his full and half siblings. It is said that he owned 7 steamships, but his 1826 death date and a look at his will do not provide evidence of this. I assume he was wealthy. (Andrea of NZ, e-mail. Transcript of William Harrison of Mangapai, New Zealand, Memoirs, late 1800s early 1900s.)
2. John Harrison was the ancestor of William of Mangapai. John too was a child of James and Dunn. (William of Mangapai, Memoirs.) John stayed in Ireland. His son Arthur Noble Harrison held land in Annyart. (Andrea.) So William and John were full brothers, sons of James and Dunn.
3. Thomas Harrison of Churchill. We know the names of most of his descendants thanks to Jane A. Harrison Wallace and her chart of 1894 (will) or 1901 (death). I guess that Thomas was the son of Dunn also because I have an approximate birth guess of 1765 for him. Thomas's children had an uncle William. His descendants were in Ireland, New York City, and New Jersey.
4. Robert Harrison of Castleblayney, County Monaghan was a flax grower. (Spinning survey.) He was an adult in 1796, so I put him as born at least by 1776. (What was the age of adulthood for leasing land?) He had a daughter Martha Harrison Peck who identifies her father as the Robert Harrison of Moy House. He, his son Robert and daughter Mary were named in letters among the children of James Harrison and Elizabeth Kinnier. We know Robert died between 1844 when brother Andrew died and December 1849 when his daughter Mary married George McCray of Smithville, Chenango County, New York. (LBF, New York Marriages.) Robert is connected to James and his sons because of the Castleblayney proximity, the mention in letters, the daughter marrying a man in the same tiny town of Smithville where Robert's three brothers lived after 1828 and died, AND Robert is named as a brother of Andrew Harrison in a Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, document attached to lot 3690. That document names Andrew's [living siblings left behind by his when he died in 1844] as Arthur, Mrs. Alexander Hutchinson, and Mrs. William Monahan, Robert, and George Harrison.
A Robert Harrison signed the naturalization (citizenship) document for Thomas's daughter Ann's son George Harrison Wallace. That Robert was called Uncle Robert (he may have been the son of Robert, son of James). Both men may have been brewers.


Then there is a gap of about 4 years. That is enough tiem to lose a baby. OR That is enough time for father James to lose his first wife Dunn, mourn her, look around for another woman, marry, get pregnant, and for the wife to have the next child. James holds onto Churchill.

5-6-7 Joseph, James, and Samuel. They have such similar lives in the record that I'll treat them together at first. Joseph was born about 1776, James about 1778, and Samuel about 1779. I think given the closeness in age they had the same mother. Their brother Arthur had gone to America and bought land there in 1808. Then the oldest William went to New York and became wealth, dyign in 1826. In 1828 Joseph, James, and Samuel left County Monaghan for New York, arriving in the fall. They made their way to Smithvile, Chenango County, New York, where they farmed. They are all buried in Smithville Cemetery. Samuel's stone says he was from Churchill, James I think says County Monaghan, and Joseph's says Ireland. They were brothers so all from Churchill, is my logic.

5. Joseph Harrison married Margaret Anderson.
6. James Harrison married Elizabeth Kinnier.
7. Samuel Harrison married Elizabeth Sturgeon.

All three men emigrated. Joseph alone, James with his eldest son George, and Samuel with his wife Elizabeth Sturgeon, children and brother-in-law. Within the year I believe Joseph and James's wives followed with their children.

8. Andrew, no dates, no marriage, no children. He died in 1844 in [New York City].

9. Arthur Noble Harrison, the one who went to Ameria, married Jane Phillips as his second wife. He bought land in 1808 in Argyle, Washington County, New York. (There was a perhaps unrelated William Harrison living in Argyle.) Arthur and Jane P. lived in New York City.

GAP, possible third wife of James
10. George Harrison stayed in Monaghan County another age gap between two children. He is in the public record having been elected to the [Castleblayney] poor law union when it was [created] in 1838; at the time of the election he was living in Churchill. In 1840 this group may have had a hand in buildign the workshouse of 1840. I am currently researching this. Workhouse minutes are kept in County Monaghan museum. George married Margaret McBirney,.
11. Francis Harrison married Ann Gaham
I shall have to send this soon, the message is flipping out. Rolling to the top every word or so.

So much for 11 out of the 12 sons of James Harrison. Two daughters were
1. Mary called Mrs. Alexander Hutchinson (went to Argyle New York then next generation moved on to New York City) and
2. Mrs. William Monahan. Almost no clue whether Mrs. Monahan resided in New York City of Ireland. I think the two women were half sisters, given langauge used by brothers.

So 10 sons are linked to James by the surname Harrison and by birthdates between 1761 and 1805. Another link is the use of the word Churchill, for James was the first Harrison to lease it. (William, Thomas, Samuel, and George were of Churchill.) If not "of Churchill" in documentation at least each of these people is linked to James as being a brother of William or Andrew. (So named were William, John, Arthur, Anderw, Mrs. Hutchinson, Mrs. Monahan, Robert, and George.) The known sons ofo James are William and John as set out in Memoirs. Andrew name several in his paper at Green-wood Cemetery. Three brothers immigrated together and one of these was of Churchill. Both William and Andrew make reference to brothers and sisters, half siters and half brotehrs. I think these are the chilren of James Harrison of Churchill. I am typing blind so will send this with all its typos. I hope this list of James's children is of interest to you. Don't hesitate to e-mail me.
Polly Lynn, pkLjdL@sbcglobal.net
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Re: Harrisons in County Monaghan, February 2011 version

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Here is an updated tree of the Harrisons of County Monaghan. I have pieced this family together based on the 12 sons being from Churchill (as shown on tombstones, memoirs, pedigree charts from 1894) OR being a brother to each other (from various wills, cemetery documents) AND on being the right generation (estimated birtdates on passenger lists, census records, and cemetery records). Corrections and additions welcome.

I. first generation. William Harrison (born about 1700-1717) was in County Monaghan.

II. second generation. James Harrison (born about 1737, guessing; died 1796, thanks, IRE) married 3-4 times. First wife was __ Dunn, of Churchill. James had 12 sons and 2 daughters. I think I have been able to name eleven of the sons (bleow). What do you think?

III. third generation, birth order approximate, not exact.
1. William Harrison (born 1761), went to U.S., unmarried
2. John Harrison, County Monaghan, Ireland, Annyart (is that county Armagh, UK?)
3. Thomas Harrison (born about 1764, ignore other dates I have said), Churchill, Co. Monaghan, Ireland, most but not all descendants went to U.S. Son Hugh (etc.) stayed in Ireland.
4. Robert Harrison, Castleblayney, Ireland, possibly three children in U.S., Robert Harrison, Mary Harrison McCray, and Martha Peck Harrison.
5. Joseph Harrison (born about 1776) married Anderson, went to Smithville, Chenango County, New York
6. James Harrison, went to Smithville NY, but one son John stayed in Drumleek South; John had son Thomas who had many children. Did this Thomas have two wives?
7. Samuel Harrison, went to Smithville, NY
8. George Harrison (born about 1782, thank you, IRE)
9. Arthur Noble Harrison (born possibly 1780s), of Argyle, NY and New York City. Another Arthur Noble Harrison who stayed in Ireland was his nephew, son of John. Descendants include Campbell, Hall, and McFadden or McFaddin or MacFaddin.
10. Andrew Harrison, maybe maybe maybe went to NYC, no children
11. Francis Harrison (born about 1804), married Graham of County Armagh, now U.K
another son of James. I am looking for his name, places he lived, and dates.
Could you tell me your guess? Better yet, tell me your source.

two daughters of James:
1. Mary Harrison married Alexander Hutchinson and they lived in Argyle, Washington County, New York. Descendants lived in New York City.
2. Mrs.William Monahan; whereabouts unknown, maybe Ireland, maybe New York. Any info on her appreciated. Thank you.

I would love to contact any descendant of this family. Please, don't hesitate to write me at pkLjdL@sbcglobal.net or at

Mrs. Polly Lynn, 108 S. Charles St., Edwardsville, Illinois, U.S.A.
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Harrison DNA test shows haplogroup I1; genealogy shows Yorks

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Dear All,

My Harrison cousin here in the States has taken a DNA test. It has 37 markers. His male Harrison ancestor thousands of years ago (800-1200 A.D.) is in haplogroup I1 (eye one). The country today with the largest I1 population is Finland. We hope that means that we descend from Viking invaders. 8) Most of the Harrisons in the nine generations my cousins and I have researched were in County Monaghan (County Armagh) and New York state, U.S.A., with a few descendants going to New Zealand, England,or Canada. None was in Virginia.

John Harrison of the Harrison DNA project (online) tells me that "we" have a 90% chance of a common ancestor with a line of Harrisons in Virginia. This line he calls the Long Great Trail Harrisons after a book title by J. Houston Harrison, Settlers by the Long Grey Trail. All people named in the book descend from Isaiah Harrison who was born about 1666, lived in England, Ireland, Long Island, New York, and Delaware, and died while trudging into Virginia. The book was published in 1935 and newly printed copies are available through Amazon.com Through the Amazon website my copy was from Apple Manor Press for about $42. American plus shipping. There are about 25 pages on the English ancestors. The rest of the book is on Isaiah's descendants in eventually Virginia [the American colony] and beyond. Though my nine generations have no ancestor in Virginia we connect to an ancestor of Isaiah Harrison (b. 1666), one who lived in the 1500s or 1600s, says John Harrison, and that would be in Ireland or more likely England. This ancestor of Isaiah Harrison's goes back to Yorkshire, England.

I thought you might want to know about the genealogical almost link to Yorkshire, England, and the DNA Finland (Viking?) connection. If you are interested in a Harrison I would love to hear from you. If you clicked on this message I would love to hear from you. Hello to IRE.
Polly Lynn pkljdl@sbcglobal.net

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Re: Harrison in County Monaghan

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Very important posts. Good job guys :P

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Re: Harrison in County Monaghan

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CORRECTIONS AND UPDATES TO THE 14 CHILDREN OF JAMES HARRISON of Churchill, County Monaghan (b. 1730s, died 1796)

FRANCIS HARRISON of Ballybay was NOT the son of James Harrison. He was the son of Hugh Harrison. [IRE]
Was Hugh (born about 1760) a son of James Harrison of Churchill? A DNA test is being taken by a descendant.
Results due out March 1, 2013. Can't wait!

JOHN HARRISON OF CAMOLY BALL died in 1797, the year after his father James of Churchill (d. 1796). [IRE]

may not be the same as Robert Harrison, flax farmer in 1796 over in Monaghan parish. [IRE.]

MARY HARRISON HUTCHINSON of Argyle, New York, [older] daughter of James Harrison of Churchill
Her children include several who stayed in Argyle, a daughter in Albany, New York, two sons in NYC.

MRS. WILLIAM MONAHAN, [second] daughter of James Harrison of Churchill
Is she Bridget of Brooklyn, New York? We do not know. Bridget was Catholic. Was the last
wife of James Harrison of Churchill, Catholic? Could be.

My new e-mail address is pkLjdL ATgmail.com Take out ATand put in @
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Harrison of Clontibret Parish vs. Harrison of Muckno Parish

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Harrisons in Clontibret Parish (Thomas, Daniel, Michael, Dominick) are separate from Harrisons in Muckno Parish (James of Churchill b. 1730s & 14 children)

There appears to have been a Harrison family in Clontibret Parish, County Monaghan. First names in this family were Michael, Thomas, and Dominick. Was this part of the James Harrison family of Churchill, Muckno Parish, County Monaghan? Did James of Churchill have a brother named Thomas, Thomas of Clontibret? James named an older son Thomas. I do not see another connection, except the surname and county name. We do not know the relationship if any between the Clontibret and the Mukno Harrisons. So as to separate better the two families, Harrisons in (Fintully and Drumnart) Clontibret Parish and Harrisons in Churchill, Muckno Parish, I shall tell you what a brief search for Dominick Harrison of Clontibret brought up.

Harrison Daniel Lemgare Clontibret Monaghan
Harrison Dominick Drumnart Clontibret Monaghan
Harrison Dominick Fintully Clontibret Monaghan
Harrison Michael Drumnart Clontibret Monaghan
(failteromhat.com/Griffiths/monaghan/clontibret, accessed 6 February 2013.)

Harrison Dom’k Fintully
Harrison Michl Drumnard
Harrison, Jr Thos Drumnard
Harrison, S[r] Thos Fintully
(connorsgenealogy.com/Monaghan/ClontibretTithes…, accessed 6 February 2013.)

Harrison Michl [Townland of] Drumnart Clontibret [Parish] [County] Monaghan 1830
Harrison Thos Drumnart Clontibret Monaghan 1830
(titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarchives.ie, accessed 6 February 2013.)
Note that Dominick Harrison is missing, dead or moved away.

Heather McFaddin proposes that Dominick Harrison could have come over to the U.S. in time to fight in either the American Revolution or [more likely] the war of 1812. Consequently he may have received land in Kentucky. (e-mail 5 February 2013.)

Domenick Harrison
(Dominick Harrison)
Eastern Division, Mason, Kentucky
1 free white male [age] 60 through 69
1 free white female 60 through 69
1 male slave under [age] 10
2 male slaves 10-23
2 female slaves under [age] 10
1 female slave 24 through 35
total of 2 free white persons
total of 6 slaves
total people: 8
(1830 U.S. federal census, familysearch, researched by Heather McFaddin, 5 February 2013.)

1850 U.S. federal census
District 2, Mason [County], Kentucky
John T Mitchell 49
Elizabeth Mitchell 44
Elizabeth Mitchell 18
Margarete A. Mitchell 14
Mary M. Mitchell 10
Sandford H. Mitchell 7
Susan S. Mitchell 4
Louisa Mitchell 2
Lydia Mitchell 74
Elizabeth Harrison 89
Joseph Ball 27
(1850 U.S. federal census, familysearch, researched by Heather McFaddin, 5 February 2013.)

Dominick Harrison
Born Clontibret, County Monaghan, Ireland
Died Lewisburg, Mason County, Kentucky

Married Elizabeth Montgomery (1761-1859)

Children of Dominick Harrison and Elizabeth Montgomery:
Thomas Harrison (1794-1834)
Nancy Harrison McGowan (1801-1854)
(Jan Waddell, Memorials 69756462 and 69756545, accessed 6 February 2013. Ms. Waddell likely visited McGowan-Strode Family Cemetery, Fleming County, Kentucky, U.S.A.)

Polly Lynn, (pkLjdL AT gmail.com) who comes from the Churchill, Muckno Parish, Harrisons of County Monaghan

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Re: DNA results for two Harrisons of County Monaghan

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Two Harrisons took a DNA test and match up about 1623. A descendant of James Harrison of Church Hill, County Monaghan (b. about 1730s) and a descendant of Hugh Harrison (born about 1760 and father of Francis) of Ballybay took DNA tests. They are a match, meaning they are related. They both are members of the haplogroup I1. Were James and Hugh father and son, as I had hoped? No, they were not. My fifth cousin, Geoff Grant, an expert on DNA wrote me the following in an e-mail.

Thank you to the men and sponsors who participated in the DNA testing.

Polly, pkLjdl AT gmail.com

Geoff Grant writes, "I’ve had a chance to look at the results." [of the two tests for David and Bob]

"The McGee Tool suggests a genetic difference of 390 years, or approx 1623 being the date where the two kits shared a male ancestor. Interestingly, this would also be about the same time of the settling of the Ulster Plantation." "... I can’t remember if the Harrisons came from England to Ireland or claim to be originally Irish. The two kits are definitely related, although one is inferior as they hadn’t married any Grant daughters. [Geoff is a grant.] The 3 markers that have mutation differences are only one marker off on each, which is good news. But they are slow-mutating markers. This is not bad, it just confirms a more distant separation (such as the 390 years suggests)."

"Looking at matches, it appears that your terminal SNP is M253 and most-likely it’s downstream version of P30. This is important! (assigned reading: http://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogrou ... #subclades) I don’t know a whole lot about this SNP as it is very different from mine, but I can tell you that the Harrisons were almost certainly Vikings 1,000-1,200 years ago. This would support either a pre or post Ulster settlement of Ireland. Either way, you guys were never Gaelic Irish."

"As far as finding who that ancestor is that the two kits share, good luck. That is always the hardest part, unless a family has extremely detailed notes on its histories. But it was definitely a Harrison and probably happened in Ireland."


"P.S. – high forehead seems to be the shared [Harrison] trait."
(Geoff Grant, e-mail to Polly, 26 February 2013.)

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unattached Harrisons of Counties Monaghan or Armagh, I1 hapl

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Dear family tree climbers,

Here are some unattached Harrisons. They are
1. from County Monaghan, or
2. from County Armagh, or
3. are Harrisons in the I1 haplogroup and who went to Canada.

Can you tell me more about any of the following people? In your opinion is s/he related to the
Harrisons of Church Hill, County Monaghan, or not? And if so, how? Thank you.

1. John Harrison (born before 1702) of Skeagarvey, County Monaghan
On 17-18 January 1720 John Harrison leased 50 acres to Christopher Crow. On and [therefore before
that date] it appears John Harrison was of Skeagarvey. (IRE.)

I do not know the name of John's son. But his [grandson or great grandson] could have been
Richard Harrison, born in Skeagarvey, Monaghan, Parish, County Monaghan. In or before
1832, Richard married Frances Butler.
About 1833 or slightly earlier Richard and "Fanny" immigrated to Canada. On 3 August 1833 in Montreal,
Quebec, Canada, Frances gave birth to Robert Alexander Harrison. He was
baptized a month later in Ontario. He married first Anna Eliza Muckle, second
Kennithina Johana Mackay. Robert became Chief Justice of [the province of] Ontario [Canada].
(Source: Mary S. Wilson, Rootsweb, 1997/1998)

2. Hugh Harrison (born about 1760) of Ballybay, County Monaghan, Ireland.
A DNA test shows that Hugh Harrison and James Harrison had a common ancestor who was born about 1623.
So who was the father of Hugh Harrison? Hugh's son was Francis Harrison of Tullywinney, County Armagh,
and also later of Church Hill, County Monaghan. Hugh had two daughters, Sarah Harrison and Sally Harrison
who married Kennedy brothers of Tassagh. (IRE & Nina.)

3. Alexander Harrison (adult in 1850s) of Tullyharnet and/or Drumleek South, County Monaghan
This man outlived the Alexander Harrison of Carlow who died in 1851.

4. Alexander Harrison (d. March 1851) of Carlow, [Is this County Cavan?]
He was County [Monaghan] Surveyor [of Roads]

5. Thomas Harrison [Sr.] (adult with adult children in 1850s) of Fintully, Clontibret, County Monaghan
Thomas Harrison had a son Dominick Harrison who married Elizabeth Montgomery. We know that
the Dominick Harrison and Elizabeth Montgomery of Kentucky, U.S.A. were from Northern Ireland. Of
all the counties in Ulster, County Monaghan has the surnames Harrison and Montgomery. And indeed
there was a Dominick Harrison in Fintully, the son of Thomas Harrison. (Link between American Dominick
and Irish Dominick has not been made.) (Jill Topper.)

Harrisons in Clontibret [Parish], County Monaghan are
* Daniel Harrison of Lemgare, Clontibret
* Dominick Harrison of Drumnart, Clontibret
* Dominick Harrison of Fintully
* Michael Harrison of Drumnart
(Griffith's valuation, I am guessing mid 1850s)

In Tithe Applotements for Clontibret Civil Parish, County Monaghan
Harrison Dom'k Fintully
Harrison Michl Drumnard
Harrison Jr. Thos Drumnard
Harrison S[r] Thomas Fintully
(connorsgenealogy.com/Monaghan/ClontibretTithes..., accessed 6 February 2013.)
Thomas Harrison Sr. could have been the father of Dominick for Dominick named his [eldest] son Thomas.

6. Rev. Joseph Harrison (1700s) of Holywood [Is this County Armagh?]
Rev. Joseph Harrison of Holywood may have had a son, Rev. William Harrison [Sr.] (d. about 1824). Rev. Joseph was
the [pastor of] 1st and 2nd Presbyterian Congregation in -- .

Joseph married Hester then died about 1824. Hester was a widow for about eight years then in 1831 married
Alexander Robinson.
(Anne M. Davison cites letter by Hester's brother.) See below on Letitia.

7. James Harrison who married Frances Phillips [County Monaghan]
Before 1815, James Harrison married Frances Phillips. In 1815 in County Monaghan, they had a son,
Joseph Harrison (b. 1815 Co. Monaghan). Sometimes where he was born in called Monaghan Goire.
Joseph immigrated to Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where he married Huld Cook. In 1854 they moved to
Minnesota, U.S.A. and in 1874 settled in Bloomington, [Minnesota].
(Ruth Dameron, genealogy.com, County Monaghan, Ireland [forum].)

8. John Harrison of Mullavilly, County Armagh
John Harrison was born in the mid 1800s. He was of Mullavilly, County Armagh. He married
Elizabeth Glenn and had several children. In the early 1900s, several of these children
immigrated to the U.S. (Stephanie A. North, ancestry.com County Monaghan Message board, 17 March 2011.)

9. Randall Harrison, DNA haplogroup I1
Randall Harrison's descendant is of the DNA haplogroup I1, the same enormous group as both
James Harrison (b. 1730s) of Church Hill and Hugh Harrison (born about 1760) of Ballybay. I1 goes
back to today's Finland in the 800s. If there is a genealogical link between Randall and James/Hugh, then
it is before 1623 as we are not closely linked to Randall that I know of. Descendants do not know where
in Europe Randall's parents were from.

Randall Harrison was born March 1858 in Canada. He married Sarah Jennifer __ . In 1900 they had a
son James D. Harrison. He died after 1930 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
(Unknown author. My source was Harrison DNA Project, website.)

10. John Joseph Harrison (born late 1850s, early 1860s), born "Belfast," married woman from Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan,
immigrated to Chicago
John Joseph Harrison may have been born about 1865. It was said he was born
in Belfast, County Antrim, United Kingdom. Two comments. The 1865 was based
on a guess that he might be twenty-three years older than his twin children, born July 1888.
The Belfast, is information from his son, George Jesse Harrison. The other twin was Daisy.
John Joseph's wife was from Castleblayney. The immigrated to Chicago, Illinois, where
John Joseph was a policeman and raised Sainter Bernard dogs.

11. Thomas Harrison (born a little before or after 1847) of County Monaghan who immigrated to the U.S.
In County Monaghan, Thomas Harrison had a sister, Elizabeth Ellen or Ellen Elizabeth (born 1847) [who went to England], and a
brother John Joseph Harrison [who went to the U.S.] Thomas Harrison immigrated to the U.S. We do not
know where and when he went.

We do not know whether the John Joseph Harrison of Belfast and Chicago (#10) was the same John Joseph who was
the brother of Thomas Harrison.

12. James Harrison of Tullyrahan, County Monaghan (born about 1820s?)
In your opinion was he the son of Arthur Noble Harrison (1785-1871) of Camolybal, County Armagh, and
of Anyart, County Monaghan? I do not know the name of James's wife.
I am GUESSING that James had the following children:
* Ellen Elizabeth Harrison who went to England, who had brothers who immigrated to the U.S. (John Joseph Harrison and Thomas Harrison)
* John Joseph Harrison who immigrated to the U.S.
* Thomas Harrison who immigrated to the U.S.
* Robert Harrison (born about 1851, died 1932; death record said he was born 1848) of Tullyrahan, County Monaghan; had 12 children.

Evidenced need that any one of these was a child of James Harrison of Tullyrahan. Evidence needed that James Harrison was a son of
Arthur Noble Harrison. Seeking name of James's wife. Thank you!

1. Letitia Harrison [of Drumcree or Tataraghan Parish, County Armagh].
In 1759 Letitia Harrison married Silas Locke. They married in Drumcree or Tataraghan Parish, Armagh.
In 1819, Silas's granddaughter, Hester Maria Locke of Armagh, married William Harrison. Hester and William
had a son, William Harrison [Jr.] who died in a war. Hester remarried Alexander Robinson and they
lived in the Fairview House in Ballyhullagh, Lisnaskea, [County] Fermanagh.
(Anne M. Davison, Idaho, U.S.A.)

2. Sarah Jane Lucinda Harrison (b. about 3 July 1838 in Narrowater, died 17 March 1880)
She immigrated to New York City, where she worked for a family. She then visited "cousins" in Smithville,
Chenango County, New York, James Joseph Harrison and Ann Graham Harrison, who had immigrated from
[Church Hill or Drumleek, etc.] County Monaghan, Ireland. Sarah/Lucinda married Bill Lucas and settled
in Smithville. James Joseph Harrison was the son of Joseph Harrison (b. about 1776), son of James Harrison
of Church Hill (b. 1730s). James (b. 1730s) had 12 sons and two daughters. See previous messages for
their names, dates, and places of residence.

3. Ellen Elizabeth Harrison (born about 1847)
She may be related to the Tullyrahan Harrisons, or not. She had two brothers,
John Joseph Harrison and Thomas, who immigrated to the United States. (Leni Eves.) In Chicago John Joseph
was a policeman and raised Saint Bernard dogs. (Judy Clark.)

Any information on any of these unattached Harrisons would be appreciated. Or you can add your own
unattached Harrisons to the list. Could you tell us what you know about the person? Thank you.
Polly Lynn, pkLjdL AT gmail.com

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