What about the Morris'?

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What about the Morris'?

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The Finnegans do not appear to raise any comment so I'm gonna throw out Morris or indeed the Kellets - any takers?

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Morris family of County Monaghan

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Glad you asked about the Morris family. I may have one.

James Morris married Christina Harrison in the Frankfort Presbyterian Church. The marriage record has her as the daughter of Arthur. He would be Arthur Noble Harrison of Annyart, County Monaghan (b. about 1785, to maybe 1871, not sure); Arthur married Elizabeth Wilson. Where did this James Morris live? Did James Morris and Christina Harrison have any children?

I have been following the Harrisons of County Monaghan and their descendants, even if named Morris. Am interested in all descendants until early 1900s.

Thank you.
Polly Lynn, pkljdl AT gmail.com

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