Hamilton Families

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Hamilton Families

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Looking for any Hamilton's in Co Monaghan in the 1800's. John & Mary Hamilton...son Patrick Hamilton b:1872. Mary may have remarried to a McCleary. (or McLeary/MacCleary). Would love to hear from anyone looking for either of these names in this time period.

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Re: Hamilton Families

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Dear Hamiltons,

This is going to be pretty thin on Hamiltons as my ancestors were not Hamiltons, but Harrisons and Grahams.

A Mr. __ Hamilton married a Martha Graham. Some of Martha's siblings were born 1813-1820. Her sisters married men from County Monaghan, but I do not know where the Grahams were from.

Mr. and Mrs. (Martha) Hamilton had at least two children: Harriet Hamilton and Martha Hamilton. Whehter the children were born in Ireland or the Untied States, I do not know.

In 1858 Martha Graham Hamilton was of New York City. (Will of David Graham. Chenango County, New York will index. Researched by Chenango Conty Historian's Office.)

In 1901, current information was that Harriet Hamilton __ lived on Elizabeth and Houston Streets in New York City. (William F. Dunning, attorney. Will finding dated 11 April 1901. Probate for a Harrison. Attorneys were from Boardman, Platt & Soley. Mills Building, 35 Wall Street, New York.)

Martha Hamilton the child of Mr. and Mrs. (Martha) Hamilton died and left no children. The possibility still exists that she had children who pre-deceased her. Then again I do not have a name of a possible spouse. (Dunning, will finding, 1901. Copy owned by Polly Lynn.)

Historian Jack Storey e-mailed me that he thought the name Hamilton in County Monaghan at least indicated a Presbyterian family. (Jack Storey, e-mail to Polly Lynn.)

Polly Lynn

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Re: Hamilton Families

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The Irish Roots', Magheross Church records show an Elizabeth Marron of Derrylavan Marrying an Owen Gartlan in 1860. Her father is Nicholas Marron of Derrylavan. Her mother is Elizabeth Marron of Derrylavan. Her mother's maiden name is HAMILTON. They were Catholics.

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