Casey of Modeese

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Wow ! i am so glad to have stumbled across this page - i have been researching my family ( Fathers Side ) with not much to go by since he passed a few years ago - My name is Michel O'Connor - My Father was Brendan O'Connor of Dublin who came to NY at 18 years old. His father My Grandfather was Bernard O'Connor originally Castleblaney then moved to Dublin he was Garda for 44 years . His father my Great Grandfather was James . I believe he was your Great Grandfather as well. And i know now thru this page it was Nogher !!!! I do have 1 photo of him with my Dad as a kid. I live in New York - I have more info i can add to this but I'm done for tonight - Hope to hear back from you or someone else and talk some more about it.
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