Landlords of Clontibret parish

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Landlords of Clontibret parish

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Hello fellow historians,
I am looking for information on landlords in the south Clontibret area. Some of them might be just middle men but I am using them any way as they are listed as the immediate lessors in Griffith valuation. If you know of any articles theses or internet site that would have some basic general information on the person or family concerned I would like to hear from you. From looking at the Clougher record index no article seems to have been wrote on any of them. They are,
James Hamilton,
Hugh Keenan,
Catherine Travers,
John Fitzgerald,
Rev Mr Carson,
Campbell Hamilton,
Robert Callan and John Callan
Lucas of Castleshane.
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Re: Landlords of Clontibret parish

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Nearly five years later, I too am researching John Fitzgerald.

I suspect that he is the `John, of Dublin and Castleblayney', listed by John O'Hart in The Irish And Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, When Cromwell Came to Ireland at

I am looking for his descendants or those of his brothers and would be happy to share what I've already found.

Best wishes

Paddy Waldron.
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