Fr. Tarlach Connolly

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Fr. Tarlach Connolly

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The priests who registered in 1704 were among others

Catholic priest Tarlach Connolly of Derryledigan (now in the Scotstown postal area)who was bailed by Francis Forster of Drumrest and Arthur Ennisk of Aughnashalvey in 1704. This was in penal times. Any other information available on this person ?

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Re: Fr. Tarlach Connolly

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There is a very good piece on the Connollys of Fermanagh and Monaghan in Fr P. Ó Gallachair's 'Clogherici' article in the 1957 edition of the Clogher Record. There is some information on Fr Torlagh Connolly.

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